Real Whanganui

Real Whanganui provides supports young people in the region to build life skills, resilience and strong connections with whānau, friends and communities. Here is information on our services. 

Short stay respite service

A young person having a difficult time, such as experiencing anxiety or depression, can be referred to our service to stay for 1-5 days. We support them to get back on track to feeling well in a welcoming environment.

A stay gives them a break in a caring environment where they are supported by our team of youth workers. 

During a stay, our supportive and understanding team help young people develop problem solving and life skills. We believe with the right tools and support, every young person can realise their potential and feel more positive about their futures.

This service is available on an as-needed basis for 15-20 year olds and up to two people may stay at a time. Any young person who lives in the Whanganui region may be able to access Real respite services through the Whanganui DHB child and adolescence mental health service – contact them on 06 348 1234.

Youth worker support 

We work closely with schools and health centres in Whanganui to support young people aged 12-24 to:

  • create opportunities that help you feel great about yourself, your life, your future 
  • deal with things that are causing distress
  • learn ways to positively deal with intense emotions and other things 'getting in the way’ of day-to-day life
  • build confidence, resilience and self-esteem
  • strengthen your relationships with family, whānau and peers 
  • avoid disruption to achieving at school, training, work or in other important areas of life.  

Our youth worker works in flexible ways and our policy is ‘every door is the right door’ – if we're not the right service for a young person, we support them into the right service and act as a key worker until they no longer needs us. 

How to get Real

Please contact our Real team to connect with our youth worker or to ask any questions you may have. If you’re concerned about someone we will suggest next steps and some options to help.

Contact our team

Phone - 06 348 8198 
Email -
Address - 7 Park Place, Whanganui
Postal address - PO Box 586, Whanganui 4540