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Wellbeing tips from NZ rugby greats

We were so impressed with New Zealand Rugby’s Head First site that we wanted to share a few of the topics with you.

Although the advice has been written for rugby players, any of the tips can be transferred into everyday life. Check it out!

Mental Fitness

All Blacks great Kevin Mealamu talks about what he does each day to ensure he has a healthy and balanced wellbeing.

Other ways you can ensure you feel balanced and happy include:

  • Eat your vegies. As your parents or teachers probably tell you often, swapping sugary foods and drinks with protein and vegies will help ensure you have more energy in your day.
  • Drink lots of water. This not only helps to keep you hydrated but helps to keep your skin looking fresh.
  • Get enough sleep. Put the games away and ensure you get a good eight hours sleep each night so you are waking up cheery the next day.  There is nothing worse than starting the next day tired.
  • Exercise regularly. Take the time out of your day to exercise – and it doesn’t have to be a 5K run. Taking a walk around the block after school or field at lunchtime will make a difference over time and will help you clear your head.
  • Take time out for you. Taking a bath, going for a walk or reading a book are simple and free ways to give yourself time out from the busy pressures of school and life.

Make sure you check out the Head First website for more tips on maintaining your mental fitness.

Asking for help

We know that asking for help can be tricky for some people, especially when they are not feeling their best. Former Blues player Liaki Moli shares his thoughts on tips on finding someone to talk to.

If you or your mates need help now then contact the following.

Or if you are worried about your mates and would like some tips on how to start a conversation and how best you can support them visit Head First.