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Sensory soothing with Whetū Marewa

A Real staff member throws up a colourful parachute - one of the sensory tools they use.

Published: May 28, 2024

Sensory tools are used in every session at Whetū Marewa in Taranaki. When a taiohi comes into the room, they’re greeted with a table of different tools to choose from. This gives them something to focus on and is a welcome distraction from their nervousness.

The tools are used during the entire session, supporting taiohi to relax as they discuss and process their current life difficulties. The tools are also useful for people who are neurodivergent, dealing with anxiety or have experienced trauma – as they can use them to self-soothe and regulate their emotions.

Sensory tools are also given to taiohi to help them focus during class. The tools ground them enough so they can concentrate on their learning.

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