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Some must-read study tips

1.  Find out how you learn – it’s a good idea to find out how you learn best, so when you study you can use techniques that match your style of learning. Many people can learn well in more than one area. Find out what learning style you have below:

  • Visual learners – learn from what they see (pictures, reading, watching others)
  • Audio learners – learn from what they hear (listening to people speak, conversations)
  • Kinaesthetic learners – learn from what they touch (hands on projects, learning by doing)

2.  Make studying fun! – It’s easier to remember things when you get creative and make it your own. Check out how the Fresh Prince likes to study!


3. Test yourself – it’s important to test your knowledge. Make a test based on what you are trying to study, complete the answers and check your work. This way you can learn from your mistakes and get it right next time.

4.  REPTITION! – The more you do something the better you will be. When you are trying to learn something new, repeat it ten times. Then test yourself the next day and see if you have remembered it.

5.  Take a break – There are two types of memory: short term and long term. When you learn something for the first time, it will usually be stored in your short term memory. When you take a break it allows your brain time to digest what you have learnt. This way when you return to the subject, the information is more likely to be stored in your long term memory. This is great for exams and tests!