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Looking after you

Two ladies sitting by a lake. Remember that you have to look after yourself too. Family members can often neglect their own needs but it is important that you look after yourself and remain fit and healthy.

Being at your best means that you can offer greater patience and a more considered approach as to how you can help.

Here are a few tips to help you stay at your best.

Get out!

Try to continue with activities you enjoy. Meet with friends and make time for regular exercise. It’s amazing the positive impact that even a short walk around the block can have on your mood.

Ask for help

Know that you are not alone and share your experiences with someone you trust – family, friends, neighbours.

Have regular, healthy meals

It’s not always easy to do but make sure you eat well and get your dose of fruit and vegies each day.

Get enough rest and sleep

Easier said than done sometimes but being tired and exhausted often adds to stress.

Make time for you

Getting in the habit of making time for yourself as a regular part of your day is important. Don’t feel guilty about this time – it’s for you and you need it.

Not coping?

Search the Family Services Directory to find organisations in your area that can help you.

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