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Staying at home with whānau

Even though the country has returned to something resembling normal, people are still asked to stay home if they are sick – which now includes sniffles and colds. So we can expect more time off school for tamariki and taiohi, as well as more time off work for parents and caregivers.
Here are some links to help stave off boredom and support whānau as we continue to work together to stop the spread of COVID-19:

Keeping busy

• The mental, physical and other benefits of getting outside are many – here are some ideas for keeping kids active
Make your own play dough – hours of fun for tamariki and a fantastic creative outlet!
Story Yoga is screen time that also involves movement – there’s plenty to choose from and the kids love it
• There are many indoor activity lists online, this one has a lot of things to try
• There are many local story gems here and podcasts and young adult fiction here
• Aquila’s Magnificent Mega-mag is a free online children’s magazine, packed with great educational material
• AWESOMEINC. has some great free resources for parents
• Sparklers at Home is a toolkit with plenty of great material to help with learning from home, with fun wellbeing activities to help tamariki

Supporting young people

• Ministry of Education (NZ) has plenty of advice on how to deal with having taiohi at home
• And the World Health Organisation has good advice on helping tamariki cope with stress
Here are six ways whānau can help support their children from WHO and UNICEF
• And there’s a really nice online book about coping with COVID 19 for tamariki under 7, for those who remain anxious about the virus.

Support for all ages

• All Right has excellent resources for whānau of all ages, to help us through this together

We will be adding to this list over time, so if you have a great idea for something fun to share with whānau, send it to
and we’ll get it up there!