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We're all about supporting young people to love life!

Real strives to enable young people to live their lives well by supporting healthy development, growth in confidence and resilience, and strengthening family and social connections. These principles result in young people taking charge of their lives and their wellbeing. 

25 young people, three days, one message

An awesome music video created by young people we worked with, shares the message that it’s ok to say no, or be told no, to sex. Feel good about saying what you want or don’t want and respecting each other’s decisions. Watch it and share!

Using an app to keep calm

We've all heard the saying keep calm and carry on but sometimes you just need to take a break to refresh. Now there is an app to help you chill out.

Tackling the tricky topics

Our friends from He Waka Tapu explain how using the simple AEIOU technique can help you to support friends and whānau who are having a tough time. 

Cyber bullying

Bullies have been around forever, but technology has given them a whole new platform for their actions. One in 10 kids experience cyber bullying, and that number is on the rise.

The Message gets air time on national TV!

​It was an early start from Hamilton (4.30am on a Monday morning ...zzzz) but excitement was high and the guys did great! Watch the interview with TV One's Breakfast show about The Message.

What is wellbeing?

If a person’s wellbeing isn’t positive and resilient, then they could be at risk of developing mental health problems. Read on to understand more about some of the most common mental health problems.

Common Ground: information for parents, families, whanau and friends of young people facing hard times

Say NO to bullying!

What do you do if your child or a young person you're close to is being bullied? Read up on some facts and tips and watch a great video of a bullying victim speaking out.