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Connect with others to feel stronger

Most of us at some point or another have felt lonely and overwhelmed – with school, work, commitments, with life in general. To help us through these times we need others.

We are stronger when we connect with each other, and to lead a healthy and well balanced life, it’s important we feel loved, cared for and valued. It’s important we feel connected.

Connecting is about developing our relationships with friends, family, workmates / teachers and neighbours. Although some of us find it hard to connect with the world around us, it’s a good skill to practice. Connections support and enrich our lives.

You can connect with others in many ways, here are some ideas:

  • Holding a family board game session.
  • Organising a game of touch rugby or football in a park with friends.
  • Volunteering your time for something you feel strongly about.
  • Gathering friends together for a movie night (remember the popcorn!).
  • Calling a grandparent or close family relative to catch up. Don’t worry if you feel you’ve got nothing to talk about, just making a connection will help.
  • Trying something new you’re interested in, like joining a social sports team or art class and making new friends.
  • Connecting with nature – go somewhere that boosts your energy and makes you feel awesome.
  • Baking something yum and take it to a neighbour.
  • Holding a family ‘talk don’t text’ day.
  • Sharing lunch or organising a picnic with friends or family.
  • Making more time to laugh together at home – start a family joke collection!
  • Cooking dinner for your family.
  • Having an internet and/or TV-free day – spend time sharing stories with each other.

October 7 – 13 is Mental Health Awareness Week. This annual event is organised by the Mental Health Foundation in New Zealand. Mental Health Awareness Week has a history spanning 20 years in New Zealand and is celebrated by more than 150 countries worldwide. The theme for this year is Connect.

Photo by Courtney – a top 20 winner from our ‘loving life’ photo contest!