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Being there…no matter what

Holding hands. Supporting young people’s dreams and goals can motivate them to work really hard to achieve them.

Although it can often look as though young people have it easy, this isn’t the case and they need you there for support and encouragement – even though they probably won’t say so!

Young people are faced with constant challenges and pressures. Whether it’s through school, family, peers, work – young people are always striving for success, for perfection, for respect and for acceptance.

Some issues are the same as those we were faced with growing up, other issues are new trends as society begins to adapt to a faster pace of life.

Young people are constantly battling with:

  • appearance – there’s pressure to look and act a certain way, have the right clothes
  • studies – there is a lot of pressure to succeed with studies while juggling other commitments such as sports, jobs, friends and family
  • job opportunities – the recession has meant that there are less jobs available and much more competition for even small part-time roles
  • technology – young people live their lives online and with that comes new pressures such as cyber bullying and stalking.

Some tried and true tips

Keeping the doors of communication open between you and your teenager requires effort, so make a point of getting to know and understand their world, while respecting their growing need for independence.

Listen to and respect their opinions. If you want them to talk to you – learn not to judge, advise, analyse, question or interpret.

Source: The Parenting Place Fact Sheet Communication