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All about attitude

A positive attitude makes all the difference in life because it determines life’s attitude towards us.

There is so much out there we can’t control, but there’s one thing we do have power over: our attitude. With the right attitude, we can choose to not let things affect us, upset us or make us angry. The more positive your attitude, the more positive your relationships will be with your friends, family/whanau, and even classmates or workmates.

A positive attitude can also help us feel more confident that we can achieve anything by removing feelings like doubt and laziness. If you think about how something can be done rather than if it can be done, your attitude is positive. Do you think this way?

Here are some really cool quotes we found on attitude. Share them with your mates too!

God gave you them shoes to fit you, so put them on and wear them. Be yourself man, be proud of who you are. Even it if sounds corny, don’t let no one tell you, you ain’t beautiful. – Eminem

Make mistakes, take chances, be silly, be imperfect, trust yourself and follow your heart. – Anon

It’s easy to stand with the crowd. It takes courage to stand alone. – Anon

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves. – Sir Edmund Hillary