Real Southern

Real Southern provides a health and wellbeing service for young people aged between 13-18 years through a social confidence programme and youth mentoring service.

We support young people to push past their fears and inhibitions to realise what they are capable of. 

Social confidence group

The programme will run over a 10-week period, with approximately six participants per group, the groups will be held on a weekly basis. The location will depend on the activity and transportaion options will be discussed with those involved prior to the group meeting. The groups will be co-facilitated by at least one registered health professional.

If you want to know more about the social confidence group or are interested in taking part, here are the dates for early 2019.

Group one (Monday) 4 February - 8 April

Group two (Tuesday) 5 February - 9 April

Group three (Thursday) 7 February - 11 April

Group one (Monday) 29 April - 1 July

Group two (Tuesday) 30 April - 2 July

Group three (Thursday) 2 May - 4 July

One-on-one youth mentoring

Young people will be offered further support for one hour a week, over a 12-week period. The youth mentors will support the young person through their programme as well as helping them with any issues or concerns they may have.

How to get Real

Please get in touch if you have any questions of would like to connect with our services. 

Phone: 03 339 3780