Real is all about supporting young people, like you, to love life!

Real is aimed at supporting you to grow confidence, realise your potential and achieve your dreams. At Real, we want to play a part in supporting all young New Zealanders to feel great about their futures.

Do you have career goals and aspirations?

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Help for young parents

The arrival of a baby brings many changes to a family and whanau. Here's some advice on areas young parents may require support in.

Exercising those winter blues away

Read some tips that could help you find the motivation to exercise during the cold, winter months, when the days are short and the weather can make it hard to get outside...

Connect with others to feel stronger

Most of us at some point or another have felt lonely and overwhelmed – with school, work, commitments, with life in general. To help us through these times we need others.

Soup for the soul

One thing that’s great about the colder weather is yummy warm soup and this recipe is a favourite of ours.

All about attitude

There is so much out there we can't control, but there's one thing we do have power over: our attitude.

25 young people, three days, one message

An awesome music video created by young people we worked with shares the message that it’s ok to say no, or be told no, to sex. Feel good about saying what you want or don’t want and respecting each other’s decisions. Watch it and share!

Using an app to keep calm

We've all heard the saying keep calm and carry on but sometimes you just need to take a break to refresh. Now there is an app to help you chill out.

Tackling the tricky topics

Our friends from He Waka Tapu explain how using the simple AEIOU technique can help you to support friends and whānau who are having a tough time. 

Follow your dreams - just like Parris

Hear more about how our award-winning New Zealand choreographer and hip-hop dancer Parris Goebel sets goals, gets stuck in and hasn't let stereotypes get in the way of living her dreams.

Dealing with tough situations

Getting through tough situations can teach us more about ourselves and the importance of positive relationships. Read on for a few tips.

Wellbeing tips from NZ rugby greats

Hear from some of our rugby heros about mental fitness and asking for help.

Our simple six tips for relieving stress

Are exams and aftershocks creating unwanted stress in your life? We've put our heads together and come up with six easy ways to relieve stress in minutes.

Your cultural identity

Learning about where you are from and your cultural identity – your whakapapa – can give you a sense of belonging and a deeper understanding of who you are.  

Anxiety journey for Miss Rotorua

Miss Rotorua 2018, Nicole Agnew, opens up about her experience dealing with anxiety and shares some coping strategies she learned.

Be the change

Sometimes doing what is hardest and doing what is best are the exact same thing. Many times we have to challenge our beliefs, our practices and ourselves to see how we can really grow. Watch to this inspirational clip ‘Brown Brother’ to see this in action.

Your Tinana is a Taonga

From Revolution Youth Taumaranui, this is an awesome video with an awesome message. Check it out!

Common Ground: information for parents, families, whanau and friends of young people facing hard times

Choose smokin' over smoke

Being fit and healthy is smokin’ hot so if you want to quit smoking read up on these tips.