Four feel good tips for spring

We know the term ‘spring cleaning’ but what does it really mean? Cultures and religions have certain traditions around Spring, but in general it is a time for clearing junk and dirt, from our lives, and mind and soul. 

Sometimes it clears the way for good times ahead so now that the weather is warm, flowers are in bloom, and the sun is shining, tackle the new season with renewed vigour and energy. Action your own spring cleaning and you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll feel.

Declutter your room – be ruthless!

If you haven’t worn that shirt or skirt in over a year, chances are you’re not going to wear it. Donate it to your local charity shop or pop it up online for sale – someone will appreciate your taste and style.

Get physical – be fearless!

Summer is just around the corner and you want to feel your best, so get outside and exercise! Throw a ball around with mates or pop on your iPod and go for a long walk or run – you know you’re on the right track when you feel pumped afterwards, it’s all those good endorphins!

Eat right – be sensible!

Going hard out with your exercise means you’re going to expend more energy and it’s really important that you fuel up with the right foods – don’t be a hero and not eat right. Eating healthy and nutritious food will have you feeling way better than too much processed or fatty foods, and get you closer to your fitness goals faster than you think.

Be positive – be you!

Say farewell, ka kite, sayonara to the winter blues and hello to spring! Get into the habit of starting your day with your own positive affirmation. Why wait for someone to tell you how awesome you are – tell yourself and believe it. Be like a best friend to yourself.

Photo by our ‘loving life’ photo contest winner, Laura Vernon.


Published: 29 October 2013